The Founder Formula
The Founder Formula

Episode · 3 months ago

Rakesh Loonkar, President & Co-founder Transmit Security - Introducing the Largest Series A in the History of Cybersecurity


You need these two things to start a company: a really big idea and a plan for how to get there. Our guest today has an absolutely mammoth idea…

Passwordless authentication.

In this episode, we interview Rakesh Loonkar, President & Co-Founder at Transmit Security and four-time founder, about how his latest company achieved the largest series A in the history of cybersecurity with a big idea and a plan.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why we should do away with passwords forever
  • How to pitch to a VC and what VCs want to know
  • Why Rakesh was drawn to entrepreneurship
  • Focusing on competition versus focusing on solutions

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