The Founder Formula
The Founder Formula

Episode 37 · 4 months ago

Mohit Tiwari, Co-founder Symmetry Systems - Planning an attack strategy in cybersecurity


Identity and data are intrinsically linked. In fact, our guest in this episode tells us 10 years from now the only things that will mater in cloud computing and cybersecurity will be people and data. The rest is just details.

In this episode, co-hosts Todd Gallina and Sandy Salty of Trace3 interview Mohit Tiwari Co-Founder & CEO at Symmetry Systems. Mohit tells us all about his transition from teaching in academia to becoming a tech founder, unpacks what a good culture fit really is, and discusses some of the ethical challenges the cybersecurity space is facing currently.

Some of our favorite highlights you’ll want to listen for include:

  • How Mohit landed a member of his founding team by sending fan mail.
  • What exactly is MATH ART and how does it apply to user experience?
  • What book this founder *should* have read before starting his company.
  • The answer to the age old question.. when you are attacked, can you attack back? 

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